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CostWare’s cost capture devices for analog and digital office machines offer a consistent, point-and-click interface while also introducing new capabilities to enhance cost collection and document workflow.  With the ability to support printing, copying and both local and network scanning, CostWare can help you capture all internal costs while simplifying electronic document delivery.

Unlike some competitive products, CostWare utilizes off-the-shelf components, your existing network and open systems.  As a result of its open architecture, a CostWare cost collection device (CCD) can be configured to manage any number of office machines, thereby reducing cost and providing a quick return on investment.  Now, users can leverage the system’s capabilities as easily from their desktops as they can from the CCD.

Seamless integration with major time and billing systems ensures that jobs are charged to the appropriate client at the time the job is recorded.  Transactions may be automatically exported from CostWare and imported into the billing system.  The automated synchronization of information reduces the chance for error and helps ensure that transactions flow smoothly into the firm’s accounting system.

Whether you still use analog office machines or need to harness the power of new multifunction machines, CostWare’s advanced feature set makes the most of your cost collection investment.

CostWare’s Integrated Expense Management Solution does not stop with cost collection devices.  The CostWare Expense and Cost Recovery System (ECRS) serves as a hub for all of a firm’s cost collection needs.  Electronic bills from any vendor can be easily imported via ECRS, reducing errors and speeding up expense recovery.

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