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Hardware Diagnostics

Each CostWare CCD produces comprehensive logs to assist in remote diagnostics.  Each CostWare CCD may be configured to email notifications to firm personnel and/or CostWare support.

Based on over 20 years of experience with other vendor’s cost collection hardware it is evident the greatest cost factor of many cost collection systems is lost transactions.  CostWare provides constant, web-based monitoring of CCDs.  Using a web browser an administrator can easily review the current status of all CCDs on the network.


 Fault Tolerance

Use of a centralized server enables a firm to realize all of the benefits provided by the CostWare Cost Recovery Solution.  In the case of a disaster or network outage, cost collection terminals may be configured to automatically failover to a secondary server.  Once the primary server is available, cost collection terminals automatically reconnect to the primary server.  Transactions collected by the secondary server are automatically transmitted to the primary server.  In addition, a stand-alone CCD may be configured to failover to a local copy of the database.  The same CCD may act as a secondary server for local cost collection terminals.


Data Verification

All cost feeds are continuously monitored to determine if any are performing abnormally thereby requiring manual intervention.  The CostWare system has the capability to dynamically monitor and report the status of CostWare hardware devices to insure that the devices are online and working properly.  Since other manufacturers’ hardware devices do not support this type of monitoring, the ECRS system can evaluate the incoming data from these devices and using statistical analysis, determine if the data is within reasonable norms as a guide to the functionality of the device.