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Analog Legacy

Analog Office

CostWare's cost capture devices for analog office machines offer an intuitive, point-and-click interface while also introducing new capabilities to enhance cost collection and document workflow.  By utilizing a unique approach to controlling analog fax machines, CostWare allows you to convert an analog fax into an easy-to-use network scanner.  Of course, the basic ability to count fax pages is still available. 

The similarity between the analog and digital user interface makes for a smooth transition when upgrading to new multifunction devices.  When upgrading, the cost collection device used to control the analog device is simply reconfigured remotely to take advantage of all the features available with the new digital device.  What could be simpler?

  • Desktop or graphical cost control terminal may be used to control devices
  • CostWare universal serial translator locks/unlocks copier and counts copies
  • CostWare server stores fax pages and sends faxes, email (not pictured)
  • Transactions are stored on the CostWare server

Analog Workgroup

The workgroup solution for analog devices allows the user to control an analog copier or fax right from their desktop.


Use Scenario

  1. User enters ID, password (if enabled) and charge information using CostWare desktop software
  2. CostWare server uses universal analog translator to unlock analog device
  3. Pages are copied
  4. Transaction is saved in database