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CostWare Cost Recovery
CostWare combines off-the-shelf hardware, intuitive software and 24 years of experience to bring you a complete cost recovery and scanning solution.

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CostWare's CopyWare provides the chargeback capabilities generally associated with cost recovery systems.
FaxWare Desktop and FaxWare for walk-up devices track faxes sent from a user's desktop or from a fax machine.
The advanced features built into ScanWare allow users to effectively communicate, manage and share information. Images can be emailed, stored on a file server or imported into third-party applications such as the firm's document management system or litigation support system.
Printing is quickly replacing copying as the preferred method of generating multiple copies of a document. Many users prefer to print multiple copies of a document rather than photocopy a set of printed originals. PrintWare allows users to easily assign print jobs to clients for subsequent billing.
ECRS Software
CostWare's Expense and Cost Recovery System (ECRS) is a powerful and flexible software application designed to improve the cash flow of your law, accounting or consulting firm by automating the import of transactions from all of your firm's vendors, including FedEx, UPS, AT&T, Westlaw, Lexis and many others.
Using an adaptive integration hub, ECRS may be used to convert electronic invoices into valid cost transactions that can be imported into your billing application.
ECRS greatly reduces the amount of manual and administrative effort required to exchange data, capture cost transactions, import electronic bills and process transactions into your billing system.
Importing invoices electronically eliminates the delay and errors inherent in manually entering cost transactions. Transactions move quickly from the electronic invoice to a client's bill ensuring timely billing and collection.
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